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BotWars.Net  v.1

With BotWars.Net developers and students can create their own 3d virtual robots via .Net Scripts (C# or Visual Basic.Net) and make them combat in a full 3D arena. You can script the combat and defence strategy and also the robot equipment (weapons,

Smilla .NET Communication Library  v.

Smilla .NET Communication Library is written in C# and intended to provide .NET developers with implementation of the main Internet application protocols. For now, NNTP protocol is implemented, and there are also plans for POP3 and may be some

Drools.NET  v.2.0.062206

The Drools.NET is a .NET port for Drools, which is a java Rules Engine based on Charles Forgy's Rete algorithm. Drools.NET enables .NET developers/Users to exploit the powerful Rule Engine like Drools through a completely managed .NET code base.

JFDI - The .NET Job Execution Framework.  v.1.0

JFDI is a job execution server / framework aimed at .NET developers who wish to write jobs that need to be run on a schedule. JFDI provides monitoring, scheduling and remote control capabilities via remoting, web services and a control interface.

Email Notification  v.0.1.1115.25 Alpha

Email Notification is a handy wrapper, developed in C#.NET, that makes it easier for .NET developers to wire up emails using fluent configuration. You'll no longer have to manually setup the email service and handle possible exceptions. Email

ObJET  v.2.0.4

obJET is an object-oriented database, a persistence API that enables .NET developers to store and retrieve any application object with only one line of code, eliminating the requirement to maintain separate SQL data queries. World class developers

Bytescout XLS Viewer  v.2.20

Bytescout XLS Viewer is a safe way to view, print XLS (Excel 97-2003), XLSX (Excel 2007), ODS (Open Office) spreadsheets with MS Office or Open Office NOT REQUIRED. Based on Bytescout.XLS library for .NET .NET developers

DemoWare  v.1.0

DemoWare 1.0 is designed to create demo versions of your software.It is written for those .NET developers who would like to create demo (trial) versions of their software applications. Use DemoWare to reduce development time and money. Just add

NS Panel  v.1.0

This is an implementation of Panel control for .NET developers which readily supports Web / XP like look and feel. Source code will be available

Facebook C# SDK  v.5.2.1

The Facebook C# SDK is a powerful component that helps .Net developers build web, desktop, Silverlight, and Windows Phone 7 applications that integrate with Facebook. Get Facebook C# SDK and take it for a spin to see what it can actually do for you!

ArcticSalmon WebControl  v.1.1

A web form control for ASP.NET developers. The control features two way data binding, automatic data type validation and includes client side logic and

Neo  v.1.4.2

Neo is a framework for .NET developers who want to write enterprise applications with an object-based domain model. It is well suited for domain-driven design and agile

SharpFFmpeg  v.rc

SharpFFmpeg is a C# binding of ffmpeg. The goal of SharpFFmpeg is to provide the facility that allows .NET developers to easily create audio and video

SecureMyApp  v.1.0

Security tool that replace sn.exe(Strong Naming Tool) in ASP.NET.This tool is for .Net developers only.Securing your web applications is very important .So with this tool you can protect your application by securing it source code.

Longhorn.Math  v.1.0

This project is intended to be an open source .net library to simplify the work of .net developers. At the current moment project contatins Longhorn.Math library. Hopefully project will extend to cover as many as possible .net developer needs.

Lightbox IoC  v.1.0

A fast, lightweight Inversion of Control container and application framework for .NET developers.

VkontakteDotNet  v.1.0

Vkontakte - most popular site in Russain and Ukraine branch of Internet. This open source project will help .Net developers to work with Vkontakte API.

E-Nable Reporting  v.1.0

A Reporting tool for .NET Developers with which they can talk to any database and generate Report

Monet Objects  v.1.0

Monet Objects is an easy-to-use .NET object-relational mapping library. It allows .NET developers to create applications dealing with persistent objects (relying on a relational database as MySql) without writing a single SQL query.

Amaranth  v.1.0

Intended to be a cross-platform 3D engine and toolkit using the Tao framework and allowing C#/F#/.NET developers to target Mac OS X and Windows with a single build.Also includes accessory tools for managing builds and ports of your game product.

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